The short run book business is booming, and we’re here to help you succeed. If your project can be described as text pages enclosed by a cover, Marwood Bookworks has the expertise to guide it to a successful finish.

We offer a wide range of binding options, from the lay-flat functionality of coil and wire and the affordability of perfect binding,  to PUR binding for those hard-to-bind toner on coated stock jobs, and smyth sewing for those jobs where only the best is acceptable.

Covers? We can laminate printed casewraps and card stock covers, or produce cases using cloth, leather or synthetic casewrap materials, then foil stamp and/or deboss them for that high-end traditional look. Turned-edge ring binders and binder sets? Absolutely. Board books for literally seamless two page spreads? Yup, those too.

Whether you’re a printer in need of quality binding, or a broker/designer wanting your project handled from start to finish, call us.

...we can help.